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Abstract Water

Non-Recurring Charges

Deposit Fee

A Refundable Deposit Fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) shall be paid per membership

Reconnection Fee

A Reconnection Fee of one-hundred dollars ($100.00) will be charged when service has been turned off for any reason. A change of occupancy is also included in this charge. The reconnection shall be scheduled during normal working hours of operation.

Tap-In Fee

The Tap-in Fee is one thousand three hundred dollars ($1,300.00) for a 5/8” or a 3⁄4” non road bore, two thousand one hundred dollars ($2,100.00) for a 5/8" or a 3/4" road bore, or the actual cost of installation for larger sizes, in no event less than one thousand three hundred ($1,300.00). This shall be made for each new meter installation regardless of location. The tap-in fee is in addition to the $100 Deposit fee. Each meter will be individually read and billed monthly. 

Return Check Fee

When a customer’s check is returned by the bank for any reason (not the fault of And-Tro Water Authority) the customers shall be assessed a handling charge of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for each check returned. If two (2) returned checks are received within a one (1) year period the customer will then have to pay in cash. The customer may bring a notice from the customer’s bank showing good credit and checks can be received from thereafter.

Reconnection Fee After Hours

Whenever a meter must be turned off or reconnected for any reason after normal business hours, the customer may request an after- hour’s reconnection at a fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00).

Late Payment Charge

Non-payment after the 17th of the month will be subject to a penalty of ten (10) percent.

Special Meter Readings

The Authority will make special meter readings at the request of the customer for a fee of
one-hundred dollars ($100), provided, however, that if such special reading discloses that the meter was over-read; no charge will be made.

Temporary User

Water furnished to temporary users such as contractors, circuses, etc., shall be charged on the basis of the metered gallons rates herein before set forth as estimated and established by the Waterworks Superintendent.

Rental Property

The Property Owner must keep the deposit in their name and not the renter. Property Owner’s name will remain as the customer with the option to add the renter in c/o the renter. The Property Owner will be responsible for any debt from their renters.

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